Building Business in the 21st Century is a three part series dedicated to assisting the business owner. Book One, Strategies for Success, addresses the issues of cash flow, capitalizing on the Internet market and raising capital. Book Two, Power Marketing, gives proven successful marketing strategies and guides the business owner through the process of forming strategic business alliances for growth. Book Three, Gaining the Edge, walks the business owner from the process of forming a small "mom & pop" operation, to taking the company public. From one employee to one thousand, and every stage between, this series will help you grown and understand vital systems and processes to gain the edge and win!

John De Puy completed the advanced management program at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He has written books as well as many articles on three big business strategies that include:

  • Strategic Alliances Help You Compete

  • Ten Steps to Capital Formation

  • Trading Cash for Equity

  • Small Software Companies Satisfy Cash Hunger by Forming Alliances

  • Desktop Marketing for Today's Companion

  • Investigating Alternatives to an IPO